Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lutley Wedge 19/12/10 10.40am Freezing cold (-6°c) with 16+cms of snow. (overnight severe frost -13°c!!) Cold ENE/N wind

'Life in the freezer' on the patch this morning! Temperatures plummeted to a record low of around -13°c overnight with at least 16 cms of snow still on the ground, from the heavy snowfall on the 18/12. Some cold weather 'escape movements' were noticeable over the top footpath, with the highlight being 2 Curlew that flew over heading West at 11.23am (these are the first winter records of Curlew at Lutley Wedge). A few Lapwings also flew over fleeing the freezing conditions including a flock of 7 flying at high altitude rapidly >West at 12.35pm, along with increasing numbers of Fieldfares and Redwings.
Hard Weather movements 10.40am-1.30pm
2 Curlew >W
9 Lapwing (7 >W) (1 >SSW) (1 >NE)
79 Fieldfare (48 >S/SE) (19 >W/SW) (2 >E) (3 >N)
57 Redwing (30 >S/SE) (12 >N/NW) (9 >W) (2 >E)
1 Song Thrush >W/NW
8 Skylark (7 >E) (1 >SW)
53+ L.B.B Gull
11 Herring Gull
2 Raven >E

Frozen Lutley looking South to Clent Hills, and Ice crystals 19/12/10

Curlew and Lapwing heading West 19/12/10

 Redwing and Herring Gull 19/12/10

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