Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lutley Wedge 30/11/10 10.50am (1°c) Overcast, Cold, 1-2cm snow. (overnight snow showers -2.1°c) NE wind (-4°c windchill)

More hard weather refugees today, though due to my late morning arrival at the patch I got the feeling I was possibly just seeing the 'tail end' of any wader movements, and may have missed some birds going over earlier this morning. There was a noticeable increase in numbers of Fieldfare, and also more Lapwings flying over with flocks of (21) (22) and (3) single birds, fleeing the cold weather.  
Hard Weather totals 10.50am-1.00pm :-
46 Lapwing (21 >S) (22 >SSE) (3 >W)
29 Fieldfare (27 >W)
27 Redwing (13 >S) (8 >W/SW)
3 Siskin (1 >S)
4 Herring Gull >SW

Also seen:- 3 Common Buzzard, 1 Sparrowhawk
Lapwing and Fieldfare 30/11/10

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