Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lutley Wedge 20/10/10 07.50am (1°c) Sunny Cold and Frosty, clear skies. Wind NW F2

A Quiet start migration-wise this morning with only a handful of Redwing and small flocks of Wood Pigeon on the move. At 09.55am a high flock of 51 Fieldfare flew through heading West, then at 10.20am the floodgates opened! Flocks of Fieldfare began arriving at high altitude from the East and streamed through heading W/SW, with at least 1,205 Fieldfares flying over in 3 hours, (a new record count at Lutley Wedge). Some of the later flocks flew through very low over the Top Footpath, and the last flock of 82 birds 'dropped out' into the hedgerow around Foxcote Pond briefly.

Visible Migration 07.50-1.00pm
1205 Fieldfare >W/SW
26 Redwing (17 >S/SW) (9 >W/NW)
12 Meadow Pipit (11 >S/SW) (1 >E)
282 Wood Pigeon 
2 Reed Bunting >W/NW
12 Redpoll sp >S/SW
24 Siskin (13 >N/NW) (8 >W) (3 >ESE)
18 Skylark (9 >WNW) (9 >NE)
14 Jackdaw >W
71 Starling >W

Fieldfares and Clent Hills to the South Lutley Wedge 20/10/10

Flock of approx 150 Fieldfare going over the Clent Hills from Lutley Wedge 20/10/10

Fieldfares Lutley Wedge 20/10/10

Nocturnal Bird Migration Halesowen West Mids 20/10/10 

Clear conditions with an almost full moon, and a 'moon watch' tonight looking for signs of continuing 'nocturnal migration' after todays big Thrush influx. I managed to see and film one bird (probably a Redwing or other Thrush sp) as it migrated at night at high altitude, and crossed the face of the moon. The footage has been slowed down, and the bird can clearly be seen coming in from the upper left and transiting bottom right. 

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