Tuesday, 13 April 2010

13/04/10 Lutley Wedge 07.50am (4/14°c) Cool start, bright with scattered cloud, sunny later. Cold N/NNE breeze

Male Willow Warbler 'displaying' Lutley Wedge 13/4/10.
(Incredible views today down to a few feet, as this 'newly arrived' male Willow Warbler aggressively tried to defend his nesting territory from an equally vocal and territorial Chiffchaff who was there first! Oh and me!)

Female Common Crossbill flying North Wassell Grove Pools 13/4/10

It was another cool start this morning with a brisk NNE breeze blowing, and it looked like being another 'vis mig' non event until a flock of 4 Common Crossbills flew 'chipping' overhead. They were followed by another 1 Common Crossbill flying South, and a single Sand Martin flew swiftly through heading NW.
Visible Migration Wassell Grove Pools:-
5 Common Crossbill (4>N 1>S)
1 Sand Martin >NW
2 Meadow Pipit >N

Lutley Wedge Migrant Totals:-
2 Willow Warbler
7+ Chiffchaff
7 Swallows
1 Sand Martin
5 Common Crossbill
2 Meadow Pipit

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