Saturday, 13 March 2010

13/03/10 Lutley Wedge 8.15am (1°c) Cold sunny and clear start, clouding over from NW. (NNW) Breeze, overnight (-0.6°c)

Cormorants (1st yr and adult) flying north 13.3.10

Male and female Sparrowhawk 13.3.10

Some visible migration at Wassell Grove Pools this morning, but still pretty quiet.
Visible Migration totals:-
2 Cormorant >North
1 Lapwing >Southeast
2 Meadow Pipit >North and Southeast
20 Fieldfare
7 Siskin
3 Redpoll sp
1 Raven circled high over the pools, then flew East

Also a pair of Sparrowhawks were displaying high over the pools, and 2 Common Buzzards seen.

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