Friday, 26 March 2010

26/03/10 Lutley Wedge 07.40am (7°c) - (12°c) Mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells and rain showers late a.m. (S) wind 3-4

Lapwing Wassell Grove Pools 26/3/10

Small numbers of Meadow Pipits were going through in ones and two's this morning, but were a challenge to pick out as they were going over very high overhead due to the brisk southerly tailwind, also several flocks of Starling were seen heading east. There was some wader passage again today with a flock of Golden Plover going over high to the east at 09.22 am and a single Lapwing heading south at 09.00 am. Winter thrushes have been noticeable by their absence in the last couple of days with no Redwing or Fieldfare seen, and are starting to head back to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia and further east.

Wassell Grove Pools Visible Migration totals:-
15 Meadow Pipit >N
3 Siskin >S
88 Starling >E
5 Golden Plover >E
1 Lapwing >S
1 Cormorant >S

Also seen :- 2 Chiffchaff, 1 Raven >SW and 53 Linnet

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